Biodigesters: chemical, physical and biological factors related to their productivity

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Olga Rivas-Solano
Margie Faith-Vargas
Rossy Guillén-Watson


Biodigesters are designed to optimize biogas production using organic wastes, thereby attaining clean, low-cost renewable energy. In 2008, a group of ITCR researchers worked on developing a wireless electronic system for control and protection of biogas production. One of the specific objectives of this work was to find information about methods to increase biogas production. In this review we established the mathematical parameters related to biogas estimation of productivity. We then focused on the influence of chemical factors such as substrate composition, substrate combinations, addition of fat, and presence of inhibitors. We also studied the effect of physical factors such as temperature, solids removal, protein exclusion and phase separation during anaerobic digestion of organic matter. Finally we attempted to determine the role of biological factors such as the addition of thermophilic bacteria and the importance of methanogens. 

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Rivas-Solano, O., Faith-Vargas, M., & Guillén-Watson, R. (2016). Biodigesters: chemical, physical and biological factors related to their productivity. Revista Tecnología En Marcha, 29(5), p. 47–53.
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