This document details the necessary information for authors to submit a paper to the Revista Digital Matemática, Educación e Internet for arbitration and eventual publication. Copying rights and the evaluation process of the papers are also detailed.

You can submit your papers to any member of the editorial board:

Templates for papers

The instructions for the authors are given below (you can also download here)

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1.1 Introduction

The editorial board thanks you for your interest in publishing your work in Revista Digital Matemática, Educación e Internet (hereinafter “journal”). The journal's publications deal with topics in mathematics at the university and high school level, the use of technology, and the teaching and learning of mathematics.

The following is a non-exhaustive list of some of the journal's topics:

      •  Research contributions on mathematics and its teaching at university and high school level.
      • University level mathematics.
      • Software for didactic purposes.
      • Numerical methods and algorithms in number theory, discrete mathematics and algebra.
      • Applied Mathematics.
      • History.
      • Didactics of Probability and Statistics.

The proposals can be sent to any member of the board of directors of the journal:

      • Greivin Ramírez (Editor)
      • Nuria Figueroa Flores
      • Rebeca Solís O.

The arbitration is coordinated by:

       • Greivin Ramírez

The editor and web-master of the journal is Walter Mora.


1.2 Document format

The paper should be presented in LATEX preferably. In such case the .tex, .dvi and .bib files (when the bibliography has been created using BibTEX)  should be delivered.  all he images used in the paper. Besides, Encapsulated PostScript (.eps) format or PNG format should be used for images 

On the other hand, work done with or Microsoft Word 97 or 2003 (if you use 2007 you must save with 2003 support) are allowed, using the formula editor (or MathType) for all mathematical expressions

As it is a digital journal, the length of the document can be variable; however, since papers are between 10 to 20 pages long, even so, longer papers can be accepted after scientific and editorial boards approval.

All work must contain as a mínimum structure the following:

• Title: The title should be representative of the work and must be between 10 to 20 words.
• Author(s): The full name(s) of the author(s) should appear without any designation or academic degree, as well as the institution at which he/she works and the e-mail address.
• Abstract: A brief summary of the work, this summary should be between 100 to 120 words.
• Keywords: At least three keywords should be entered that identify your work. These words help search engines to find your paper when searching on the Internet. These can be taken from the list provided on the journal's website at

New words can also be added.
• Introduction: An introduction to the paper..
• Sections:  In these sections the work will be developed and they depend on each paper, in scientific studies papers it usually has as sections: Justification (although sometimes this is based on the introduction), Theoretical Framework, Methodology, Data Analysis
• Conclusions: Where the main conclusions of the work are shown.
• Bibliography: The bibliographic information of all the works that have been cited in the article and only these should be placed here, i.e, works that have not been cited within the article should not be put in the bibliography. The bibliography should be ordered alphabetically and written according to the document.

The authors should omit statements that identify them as authors of the paper.

APA format must be used to perform the bibliography (Recommendation:

Authors must be have a Google Scholar profile (create your profile if not) in order to link it to the final edit of the document.

For more details for instructions to publish, you can download them clicking HERE.