By submitting his paper to the journal, the author declares that:

•   The paper submitted to the journal is an original paper, it has not been published before and data provided is real data.

•   The paper will not be submitted to any other journal during the review process and, if accepted into the journal, the commercial rights to the paper goes to the journal and the paper cannot be submitted to or published in any other journal, book, or written or digital publication unless formal permissions is requested FROM the journal.

•   The paper is not a "checked” version of another paper that has already been published. Of course, new papers can be based on data from a previous paper by the same author, however, the journal only publishes works that are completely new and original, i.e. the paper should not have the same phareses, the same format or be a translation of another paper.

•   The paper do not use copyrighted images (for example a screenshot taken from a company website or a video from a film, tables, images, figures, etc.) and, if used, the authors are responsible for obtaining the appropriate written publication permission and for indicating the copyright in the name of the figure, for example:

Figure 1. [Title of the figure] (©[Year of copyright], taken from [Source where image was taken]. Used with permission).

Care must be taken since if a figure was adapted from another with copyrights, you should also investigate whether permission should be requested and placed in the title of the figure:

Figure 1.  [Figure title].  (Adapted from [Source where image was taken]).

Además, si se indica alguna marca registrada en el artículo se debe acreditar a su dueño y utilizar el símbolo ® o solicitar los permisos correspondientes para utilizarla.

In addition, if any registered trademark is indicated on the item, its owner must be credited and the ® symbol must be used or the appropriate permissions requested to use it.

Once the paper is accepted, the authors must complete the affidavit