Introduction to data visualization with ggplot2 Introducción a la visualización de datos con ggplot2

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Katalina Oviedo Rodríguez
Byron Jiménez Oviedo
Eduardo Aguilar Fernández


This document presents a compilation of the main codes of the ggplot2 package of R to present information graphically. The graphs presented here are those that are usually studied in basic descriptive statistics courses in higher education. The main objective is that this collection serves as a guide so that both students and teachers can consult in a more synthesized way some of the codes and environments that exist to visualize information graphically in ggplot2. The databases used are freely accessible and can be downloaded at R. This document includes links to them, which allows the reader to replicate the codes with these databases for a better understanding. It is assumed that the reader has a basic understanding of R language and descriptive statistics.

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Oviedo Rodríguez, K., Jiménez Oviedo, B., & Aguilar Fernández, E. (2024). Introduction to data visualization with ggplot2: Introducción a la visualización de datos con ggplot2. Mathematics, Education and Internet Journal, 24(2).
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