Dear reviewer: Thank you very much for your collaboration, as referee, with TEC Empresarial. Your contribution is of great relevance. Below we detail the criteria and guidelines that can be used to prepare your referee report. In addition, we would like to invite you to know our relationship policy with reviewers as well as some basic advices that we offer for supporting the review process. Once more, thank you.


Guidelines for manuscript evaluation

Title of the article:


1. Overall assessment: Based on your own reading of the manuscript, please briefly summarize the main strengths and weaknesses or opportunities for improvement of the study. (there will be room to elaborate on your comments later).

2. Detailed analysis. Please indicate your valuation of the following aspects:

- Format: is the paper well written? Does the manuscript present a study in a clear, coherent and understandable way? 

- Merit and originality: does the paper constitute a novel contribution to the literature? Is the analyzed topic relevant to academics, policy makers, and/or practitioners? 

- Content: Please evaluate the quality of: a) the introduction, b) theoretical framework, c) methodological design, d) results, e) discussion and concluding remarks

- Please indicate your recommendation: publication without changes, revise and resubmit (major or minor review based on your comments) or rejection?

- If your verdict is “revise and resubmit”, please list below your suggested changes that should be addressed before the article can be accepted for publication. In your comments, please include specific suggestions, bibliographical sources or recommendations to the author:

- Finally, do you authorize the editor of the journal to verify the changes made or would you like to review the revised version of the article?


Authors and reviewers are not related to each other, and information will not be given to reviewers about the authors’ identity, nor will the author know who evaluated the article.