Tec Empresarial: Announcements 2023-09-04T08:37:40-06:00 Open Journal Systems <p><em>TEC Empresarial</em> is an open access quarterly journal owned and published by the School of Business, Costa Rica Institute of Technology (TEC), that publishes scientific research on management and business economics. <em>TEC Empresarial</em> is a double-blinded peer-review journal that includes within its scope areas of management related to entrepreneurship, strategic management, and innovation as well as different aspects of business related to finance, accounting, economics, marketing and operations. We welcome scientific studies at different levels of analysis: individuals, groups of individuals, organizations, and territories. The journal is committed to publishing studies that make use of a diverse range of research methods and we welcome original research using statistical techniques, qualitative data, experiments (field or lab), non-parametric methods, and mathematical models.</p> <p> By disseminating scientific studies to a broad audience of academics, researchers, policy makers, and business practitioners, <em>TEC Empresarial</em> seeks to provide a communication forum that contributes to a better understanding of management and business economics. Manuscripts accepted for publication at <em>TEC Empresarial</em> must be original, must meet the high standards of rigor set by the journal, and must offer a relevant contribution to the communities of management and business economics scholars, practitioners, and policy makers.</p> <p><strong>ISSN: 1659-3359</strong></p> <p> </p> <p> </p> Call for Papers: ‘Qualitative studies for advancing business research’ 2023-09-04T08:37:40-06:00 Tec Empresarial 2023-09-04T08:37:40-06:00 Tec Empresarial indexed in the Journal Citation Report™ 2022, by Clarivate 2023-07-31T16:13:08-06:00 Tec Empresarial <div>Together with its presence in Scopus since 2020, the inclusion of TEC Empresarial in the Journal Citation Report™ enhances the international positioning of the journal while further strengthening our commitment to disseminating high-quality scientific research with high impact. This achievement would not have been possible without the support of the scientific community of which we all are part of. We are most thankful to contributors, reviewers, members of the editorial board and associate editors, whose continuous support has been instrumental to successfully execute the strategy that we designed and have implemented since 2018. </div> <div> </div> <div> </div> <p> </p> 2023-07-31T16:13:08-06:00