Design of a medical device for superficial suturing upper and lower extremities

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Michelle Orozco-Brenes
José A. Jiménez-Chavarría
Dagoberto Arias-Aguilar


Suturing upper and lower extremities must be done quickly, evenly and easily. Therefore, the need to design a medical device that facilitates the health professional’s work arises. This work presents the design for a class 2 medical device that meets the basic requirements of the current and known suturing methods in Costa Rica. The design process was achieved in three main stages, (i)Research on similar technologies; e.g. The operation principles of a sewing machine, materials used; (ii) The study of types of skin traumas; (iii) General approach toward the suturing device, including device functionality, integration with the human body and manufacturing process. The device model was designed and fabricated using 3D printing technology, this allowed the team to analyze ergonomics, the assembly of the parts and the equipment’s motion. The printed prototype made it possible for potential users to provide feedback on the design and suggestions for improvement.

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Applied Engineering